UPDATE 05/15/17

Please RSVP on Facebook, here.

EVERYONE please attend. We need to show the commissioners how many citizens oppose Clover Court–before it is too late! They are planning on transferring the property to Luke-Dorf on June 27, so this is our last chance to change their minds!

Since learning about Clover Court earlier this year, members of this group have regularly attended the County Board of Commissioners meetings to voice our concerns. However, the commissioners have dismissed our arguments and made it clear that they plan to vote in support of Clover Court. It has been easy for them to ignore the voices of a few. Let’s make it impossible for them to continue to ignore us. We need EVERYONE to come out and show them that they can’t.

The May 23 Board of Commissioners meeting is one of the few that will occur in the evening, rather than the usual morning timeslot. Since more of our members are able to attend at this time, we are planning for a large gathering of Stop Clover Court members. If all of us attend to show our opposition, we hope to finally gain the attention of the commissioners and possibly generate news media coverage. Help us pack out the auditorium!

We just need you to sit in the audience and show the commissioners that you care. We have told them of our 800+ Facebook community, but they have not yet seen us in action. They think we are content to let them make decisions on our behalf–but we need to show them that we WILL NOT allow them to set in motion a potential disaster for our community.

Show up, wear YELLOW, hold a sign–that’s all we ask of you. We will have several members present their arguments during the allotted opportunity for public oral presentations to the board. Since there are strict limitations on time and topics, if you are interested in speaking at the meeting, please contact the Stop Clover Court steering committee by Friday, May 19 at stopclovercourt@gmail.com so that we can coordinate our talking points. Otherwise, just show up to support our cause.

Since everyone won’t be able to speak directly to the commissioners, please bring a sign to hold, stating your stance. Be brief, direct, and respectful. Examples of effective signs are:

STOP Clover Court
Vote no on land transfer to Luke-Dorf
Don’t take a chance on safety for kids
Find homes for homeless/mentally ill near services, not schools
Unsupported Housing Helps No One

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 27 (likely another 6:30pm meeting), which is when the commissioners will vote on the land transfer to Luke-Dorf for Clover Court.