Take Action NOW – June 7

We need your help NOW! This is where it counts, neighbors. Washington County is moving forward with the Clover Court project, and we have a short window of time to tell them why they shouldn’t. We have UNTIL JUNE 13 to dispute their report of “no significant impact.” There are very specific requirements on how to do this, and what we can dispute. The steering committee has spent countless hours sifting through legal documents, and has compiled all of this information for you. All we ask is that you take the time to write to the county, using the form letter we’ve created as an example. They are required to respond to each of our concerns, so that is why we need all group members to take action. If you care about your neighborhood and finding a better solution for the homeless population, don’t stay silent–speak up now!

According to a public notice:  “Washington County Office of Community Development has determined that the project will have no significant impact on the human environment… Any individual, group, or agency disagreeing with this determination or wishing to comment on the project may submit written comments to the Washington County Office of Community Development or at cdbg@co.washington.or.us. All comments received by June 13, 2017 will be considered by the Washington County Office of Community Development prior to authorizing submission of a request for release of funds. Comments should specify which Notice they are addressing.” The report they are referring to is the Environmental Review Record (ERR), which can be found here. https://s3.amazonaws.com/washcomultimedia/CMSBigFiles/Clover+Court+Environmental+Review+Record.pdf

Comments must be addressed to Washington County Office of Community Development, 328 W. Main Street, Suite 100, Hillsboro, OR 97123 or cdbg@co.washington.or.us by June 13. You must mention the “Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact.” Use your own words, but feel free to use the following form letter as a guide. Additionally, posted below is a document we’ve created to help decipher the ERR and what information you can use in your argument. Please let us know if you have any questions, and SHARE this post with your neighbors.


Example form letter, please read and edit all highlighted areas: https://goo.gl/M1JEM5

ERR Response Items list, please read the first page and select from any of the 32 items in the document you wish to argue. https://goo.gl/oD4LJA

Washington County HUD Codes, this document is provided in a form letter format, again, review and edit all highlighted sections. https://goo.gl/ZHKwuh


Please mail your letters so that they arrive BY JUNE 13.