Just a few weeks ago, our effort regarding the lot at 170th and Bany Rd. was being handled fairly easily by our group as we sought a potential land swap as a win-win solution. NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED; since the County turned us down on the land swap, we are now focused on stopping Clover Court from being built. We are actively pursuing legal action, and we’ve become convinced that we need to use our political power as a very large group of concerned citizens to win this battle. And this political battle will very likely be won or lost within the next few weeks – prior to the commissioners’ vote on whether or not they will transfer this land to Luke-Dorf (and they will not give an exact date – they say sometime after the environmental studies have been conducted by Luke-Dorf). Therefore, WE NEED YOUR HELP IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS:


1) Click on the “Get Involved” tab and use all of the contact information there to contact your commissioners, the Beaverton mayor (Aloha does not have one), the school district, and your state representatives.
2) Go to the County website, click on the “Proposed Clover Court Development” button on their front page, and scroll to the very bottom of this page. Then click on the link that states “Signing up for periodic email updates” to input your email address and start receiving updates from the County. The County’s Communication Officer knows the number of people who have clicked on this link, so please know that this is worth your time to do it!
3) Send an email to Pacific Continental Bank and urge them not to provide funding for this potentially dangerous housing project (it’s possible that they have already pulled their funding, but an email will be useful in either case to let them know that the community is watching them and cares about their actions).


1) Are you an attorney who can help by either offering legal services or helping in the management and direction of our legal effort?
2) Are you someone who can design a flyer to be handed out at the lot, the schools, and door-to-door? If so, can you design it and post it on Facebook for others to use?
3) Are you someone who can coordinate flyer distribution at the schools, the lot, and door-to-door?
4) Are you someone who can help distribute flyers?
5) Are you someone who can meet at the lot and hold up a banner that states our website name and a message?
6) Are you someone from Cooper Mtn. Elementary or Errol Hassell Elementary who can get our message on the school’s Facebook page, hold up a banner during pick-up and drop-off times, or hand out flyers?
7) Are you someone who can attend the commissioners’ weekly meeting this Tuesday at 10 am and either sit in the audience with a sign stating your position or “Vote No to Transfer Land to Luke-Dorf” or verbally state your opinion in the 5 2-minute slots at the beginning of the meeting that are allowed for any subject? It would be especially valuable if someone could ask again about when the vote will take place and if they will have a public meeting regarding this issue prior to the vote.
8) Are you someone who has a fund-raising idea and can coordinate it?

If you can help with any of the above, or if you have other ideas that can help, please send your contact info and how you can help to

Thank you for all of your efforts! We must protect our kids!