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Email the following government representatives, asking them to explain why they are not opposing this project. Provide specific concerns (proximity to schools, lack of on-site support, lack of transparency about the screening process: active substance abusers and persons with criminal backgrounds). Make sure to include your full name and address, and keep a copy of your sent email. 

Contact all five of our county commissioners, who were the decision-makers involved in donating this land.

The county commissioners can be reached by phone at,  (503) 846-8681
If you have a FAX machine, send a FAX to (503) 846-4545

PARENTS of school-aged children: Contact Beaverton School District Superintendent, Don Grotting, citing concerns over the safety of the students who will be within a half-block of this development. Tell him that Oregon’s Drug-Free Zone laws pertain to a 1000 foot radius of all schools. The Clover Court site is less than 600 feet from Cooper Mountain Elementary School.

BEAVERTON RESIDENTS and Parents of Cooper Mtn. Elementary students: Ask Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle if he can help convince Washington County to choose a different location for this development. Even though the current location is out of city limits, it will impact those of us who are within Beaverton city limits. Cooper Mountain Elementary is within city limits, so the mayor should have a say regarding the safety of the school.