UPDATE 05/15/17

Please RSVP on Facebook, here.

EVERYONE please attend. We need to show the commissioners how many citizens oppose Clover Court–before it is too late! They are planning on transferring the property to Luke-Dorf on June 27, so this is our last chance to change their minds!

Since learning about Clover Court earlier this year, members of this group have regularly attended the County Board of Commissioners meetings to voice our concerns. However, the commissioners have dismissed our arguments and made it clear that they plan to vote in support of Clover Court. It has been easy for them to ignore the voices of a few. Let’s make it impossible for them to continue to ignore us. We need EVERYONE to come out and show them that they can’t.

The May 23 Board of Commissioners meeting is one of the few that will occur in the evening, rather than the usual morning timeslot. Since more of our members are able to attend at this time, we are planning for a large gathering of Stop Clover Court members. If all of us attend to show our opposition, we hope to finally gain the attention of the commissioners and possibly generate news media coverage. Help us pack out the auditorium!

We just need you to sit in the audience and show the commissioners that you care. We have told them of our 800+ Facebook community, but they have not yet seen us in action. They think we are content to let them make decisions on our behalf–but we need to show them that we WILL NOT allow them to set in motion a potential disaster for our community.

Show up, wear YELLOW, hold a sign–that’s all we ask of you. We will have several members present their arguments during the allotted opportunity for public oral presentations to the board. Since there are strict limitations on time and topics, if you are interested in speaking at the meeting, please contact the Stop Clover Court steering committee by Friday, May 19 at stopclovercourt@gmail.com so that we can coordinate our talking points. Otherwise, just show up to support our cause.

Since everyone won’t be able to speak directly to the commissioners, please bring a sign to hold, stating your stance. Be brief, direct, and respectful. Examples of effective signs are:

STOP Clover Court
Vote no on land transfer to Luke-Dorf
Don’t take a chance on safety for kids
Find homes for homeless/mentally ill near services, not schools
Unsupported Housing Helps No One

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 27 (likely another 6:30pm meeting), which is when the commissioners will vote on the land transfer to Luke-Dorf for Clover Court.


Just a few weeks ago, our effort regarding the lot at 170th and Bany Rd. was being handled fairly easily by our group as we sought a potential land swap as a win-win solution. NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED; since the County turned us down on the land swap, we are now focused on stopping Clover Court from being built. We are actively pursuing legal action, and we’ve become convinced that we need to use our political power as a very large group of concerned citizens to win this battle. And this political battle will very likely be won or lost within the next few weeks – prior to the commissioners’ vote on whether or not they will transfer this land to Luke-Dorf (and they will not give an exact date – they say sometime after the environmental studies have been conducted by Luke-Dorf). Therefore, WE NEED YOUR HELP IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS:


1) Click on the “Get Involved” tab and use all of the contact information there to contact your commissioners, the Beaverton mayor (Aloha does not have one), the school district, and your state representatives.
2) Go to the County website http://www.co.washington.or.us/, click on the “Proposed Clover Court Development” button on their front page, and scroll to the very bottom of this page. Then click on the link that states “Signing up for periodic email updates” to input your email address and start receiving updates from the County. The County’s Communication Officer knows the number of people who have clicked on this link, so please know that this is worth your time to do it!
3) Send an email to Pacific Continental Bank https://www.therightbank.com/ and urge them not to provide funding for this potentially dangerous housing project (it’s possible that they have already pulled their funding, but an email will be useful in either case to let them know that the community is watching them and cares about their actions).


1) Are you an attorney who can help by either offering legal services or helping in the management and direction of our legal effort?
2) Are you someone who can design a flyer to be handed out at the lot, the schools, and door-to-door? If so, can you design it and post it on Facebook for others to use?
3) Are you someone who can coordinate flyer distribution at the schools, the lot, and door-to-door?
4) Are you someone who can help distribute flyers?
5) Are you someone who can meet at the lot and hold up a banner that states our website name and a message?
6) Are you someone from Cooper Mtn. Elementary or Errol Hassell Elementary who can get our message on the school’s Facebook page, hold up a banner during pick-up and drop-off times, or hand out flyers?
7) Are you someone who can attend the commissioners’ weekly meeting this Tuesday at 10 am and either sit in the audience with a sign stating your position or “Vote No to Transfer Land to Luke-Dorf” or verbally state your opinion in the 5 2-minute slots at the beginning of the meeting that are allowed for any subject? It would be especially valuable if someone could ask again about when the vote will take place and if they will have a public meeting regarding this issue prior to the vote.
8) Are you someone who has a fund-raising idea and can coordinate it?

If you can help with any of the above, or if you have other ideas that can help, please send your contact info and how you can help to StopCloverCourt@gmail.com.

Thank you for all of your efforts! We must protect our kids!


We wish to thank all of you who acted on our previous Facebook update and emailed your Commissioners. It’s exactly what we need. Keep it up.

From the looks of it, this is fast becoming a major land-use fight and only your continued actions, keeping pressure on the appropriate parties, will help us win our cause. That’s why this week’s assignment to our whole Facebook group is simple—to recruit just one more neighbor to our cause. Just one person. Most of us have a friend who shares our concerns. Take a moment to cross the yard, or the street ,and talk to them about what’s going on. Have them look up **Stop Clover Court** either here on Facebook, or—better yet— on our new website StopCloverCourt.com (which explains things in detail) and simply have them join. That’s it.

The commissioners and the county are trying to ignore the issues. We need to show them that they can’t. 800 people is loud. 1600 people is louder still.


As you may have heard, the county and Luke-Dorf have rejected our proposal for a land swap for the Clover Court development. We had hoped to find a win-win solution, but now our focus is to stop the transfer of property to Luke-Dorf. If the commissioners continue to ignore our concerns and vote to donate the land, then we are prepared to take legal measures.

We have enlisted the services of an attorney, thanks to support from our neighbors on our Go…FundMe page. All donations will go towards fighting the Clover Court development. We have also formed an LLC, The Aloha Beaverton Neighborhood Association, so any money received will go directly to our organization instead of a personal account. If you are able to contribute, the link to donate is https://www.gofundme.com/170th-bany-neighborhood-fund

Thank you all for your continued interest in keeping our neighborhood and schools safe! If we all work together and make our voices heard, we can STOP CLOVER COURT!


The steering committee has been busy these past few weeks exploring alternative locations for the Clover Court development and trying to get the County to agree to a land swap, but we need your help! Our government representatives are still failing to acknowledge our safety concerns. This is where we need YOU to help us! Here is this week’s assignment for ALL 825 members of this group:

Email the following government representatives, asking them to explain why they are not opposing this project. Provide specific concerns (proximity to schools, that the facility will be unsupervised, no requirement for residents to receive therapy or medication, no testing for drugs/alcohol, etc.). Make sure to include your full name and address, and keep a copy of your sent email.

ALL MEMBERS: Contact all five of our county commissioners, who are the decision-makers involved in donating this land.






PARENTS of school-aged children: Contact Beaverton School Superintendent Don Grotting, citing concerns over safety of the students who will be within a half-block of this unsupervised development.


BEAVERTON RESIDENTS and Parents of Cooper Mtn. Elementary students: Ask Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle if he can help convince Washington County to choose a different location for this development. Even though the current location is out of city limits, it will impact those of us who are within Beaverton city limits. Cooper Mountain Elementary is within city limits, so the mayor should have a say regarding the safety of the school.


Remember, Luke-Dorf has never managed an unsupervised facility like this, so we should question why the county is choosing a location so close to two elementary schools as a testing grounds for this.


Recently, we met with Luke-Dorf, and we were very encouraged to learn that they are open to the idea of a “land swap.” We are currently working to find another site where Luke-Dorf could build, and we are hoping to come up with a win-win situation where the residents of Luke-Dorf are better served and the safety of our community is maintained. If you are someone who has ideas in regard to this possibility, please respond on Facebook or email your steering committee at alohabeavertonneighbors@gmail.com. Thanks!



Hello all, and thank you for your continued support and participation here. A quick update: Recently we have attempted to become more effective, and in a recent open meeting a steering committee has been formed, comprised of seven local citizens, all deeply committed and well versed in the issues. Simply, 800 to 1000 people wouldn’t fit into the offices we need to visit. Also, we understand that this is a very trying time and emotions can run very high. However, we ask that people please refrain from some of the overly emotional and unproductive interactions posted here regarding the Clover Court Development. It’s simply counterproductive, as it allows those on the other side to dismiss our concerns as over-the-top, hysterical, and paranoid. We are not those things. We are rationally, reasonably concerned. That said, we welcome all questions, suggestions for input, and any pertinent information. In fact, while the conversation continues here, we invite you to send all your strategic comments and questions to stopclovercourt@gmail.com as well. We truly want to hear from you. We will be posting updates to this site as often as we can to keep the collective group informed, engaged and moving forward. Keep talking, and we’ll keep digging, and preparing the counter-arguments. Thanks for your continued support, and know that we are all in this together. Your Steering Committee