Washington County released an update regarding Clover Court on Thursday, which can be found at the link below. In this update, the county invites us to attend an educational presentation regarding mental illness and sets a tentative date of June 27 for community input on the development.…/clover-court-update-no-3.c…

We find it insulting that Washington County thinks the Clover Court opposition needs to be educated about mental illness, when numerous mental health professionals oppose this project. While education of any type is usually helpful, no amount of education about mental illness will change the fact that Clover Court will be unsupervised, isolated from services and amenities, and in close proximity to hundreds of school children.

The June 27 “opportunity for input” is an effort for Washington County to check off “community input” and make it look like they listened to us. The commissioners have already made it clear that they will vote in support of this project. So, we need to continue our letters, phone calls, and attending every commissioners’ board meeting between now and then to persuade them otherwise. Please note that one of the upcoming board meetings (May 23) will be at 6:30 PM, rather than the usual morning timeslot, so we need EVERYONE to attend (more on this later).

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