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Page 24 of the Clover Court HUD application (Click image to view the original application)

On July 25th, Washington County Commissioners made the decision to give taxpayer owned land to Luke-Dorf, Inc., for low barrier housing on the corner of 170th and Bany Road (according to HUD, “low barrier” tenants cannot be screened for drug use and criminal behavior).  Cooper Mountain Elementary School is located less than 600 feet from the site. Errol Hassell Elementary School is located approximately 1/2 mile from the site. for this project, This well-intentioned but poorly thought-through project helps no one; disabled tenants are not provided on-site care in an area with walkability scores averaging 30 of out 100 (meaning, “car-dependent”). The two nearby schools are not equipped for the unpredictable events which may result in school lockdowns.

We would like Washington County to consider these alternatives:

  • Raise the barrier level, so tenants are appropriately screened
  • Require on-site care
  • Offer the site for housing to serve the currently homeless families in this area